Nowadays, it seems that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been the platform for selling preloved or new products. One of the most popular features today for both buyers and sellers is called live selling.

What is live selling?

Live selling is simply when online retailers feature their products via live stream on social media or streaming platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch.

During the live stream, retailers usually highlight product features, interact with customers by answering their questions, and sell products in real time. You can even let your followers know if inventory of a certain product is getting low. Imagine an experience similar to watching QTV or shopping on your television, but for small businesses on social media instead.

There are so my articles on the internet that talk about how to be effective in selling live on social media. However, many of them are based on theory, not reality. And some live sellers cater only to big companies. In this article, we will try to be more realistic. I will explain my observations of what has been proven effective and does not need any research on how to be an effective live seller.

  • Choose a social media platform to do live selling
  • Be Entertaining
  • be Honest
  • Keep it fast paced
  • Promote your live selling
  • Feel the pulse of your customers
  • be familiar with your viewers and buyers

Choose a social media platform that you are comfortable with in doing live selling

Being comfortable is the key to getting your customers, buyers, or what they normally now call “miners”. People will be more likely to “check you out” if they sense that you are comfortable talking to them. This is because most people are on social media to be entertained. So, being comfortable while featuring your merchandise will make your live stream more entertaining and make people sense that you are sure of what you are selling.

Be Entertaining

Most people will just scroll down if they find you boring. So, try to inject humor by using words that are relatable to your viewers. And always be energetic and enthused, but not so much that you might appear disingenuous, like a “snake oil salesman”.

Be Honest

Always tell your prospective buyers about what they are getting and if it’s brand new or preloved. Tell them the flaws but also highlight the best features of your merchandise. Tell them the real score about the merchandise (e.g., a used item might have some flaws but still prove an excellent value for the money) and never be ashamed of what you are offering them. Again, you can entice them to buy if you entertain them enough. After all, most of the time, people buy things online because they like the seller, sometimes more so than being interested in the product being sold.

Keep it Fast-Paced

Most of the time, people decide on impulse. I’m sure you are aware of auctions and how the auctioneer talks. There is a study that says when your merchandise is selling like hot cakes, people get curious, and most of the time, they so want to have the most sought-after product. Make your viewer believe that your merchandise is such a good buy that there is NO TIME to think and that they must purchase the merchandise immediately, lest someone else might snatch it. IOW, Create a Sense of Urgency!

Promote Your Live Selling Before and After Doing It

Promoting your live selling fosters consistent viewing and anticipation. If people are not aware that you are doing a live selling at a given time, then no one will show up.

  • Create a post about your merchandise on all your social media accounts.
  • Invite them when you are selling it.
  • Show the best merchandise you have.

Feel the Pulse of your Customers

While it is important to stay in your specific niche, selling different products or merchandise will cultivate curiosity and anticipation. ASK them what they want to see in your next streaming, and be sure to schedule the time when you are going to feature it.

Be Familiar with Your Viewers and Buyers

Mentioning their names while you are streaming creates bonds and relationships. It makes your viewers feel special as individuals. Addressing your viewers by name makes them feel valuable and proud of themselves. They will more likely want to be known as consistent buyers, not just avid viewers. This dynamic will also encourage other people to feel the need to be known by someone who is a prominent online personality.

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