Social Media is a big part of everybody’s life now, and most of the time, lots of people are either checking their Twitter messages, posting pictures on Instagram, posting updates on Facebook, or watching videos on YouTube. This consumes so much time of every single person who is trying to keep himself/herself “in” with the trend.

If I may, let me cut to the chase: If a person spends so much time on social media and is only satisfying his/her being updated, then why not make it a tool to earn money? Right?

Here are some ways to earn from being on social media all the time, plus the details on how to deal with the results each and everyone inputs through their social media accounts.

  • Become a Blogger or Start a Blogsite
  • Become a Content Creator or a Vlogger
  • Become an Influencer
  • Online Selling
  • Manage other people’s Social Media
  • Write novels on Wattpad

Become A Blogger or Start A Blogsite

If you have a special interest and want to share it with the world or your community, then start blogging. Being a blogger does not require a special ability. You just need to write down what you think and how you feel regarding certain events, things, or just life.

One great example of a blogger is a travel blogger.  A Travel Blogger is someone who writes down all aspects of his/her journey when he/she go to places.  They write about the things they see, experience or even the food they eat.  They share every detail of how they arrived at their destination(s); from travel expenses, transportation, preparation, reservations and whatnot. You do not need to travel abroad in order to be called a travel blogger. Why not showcase your own country and start sharing what is good in your homeland?

Always remember to find your niche.  Being a blogger is just like writing in a journal or diary. You share what you think is helpful to other people.  Make sure to check every detail of your post, and share everything they need to know.


  • Finding your readers (unique visitors). Solution: Tell your friends you have a blog site and have them check it out. Use social media too and insert your post by using what is trending. It is what you call clickbait.
  • Monetizing your blog site.  You can join Google AdSense, and affiliate like Rakuten Marketing or offer a spot to businesses or companies you know who are willing to pay for a portion of your website.
  • Materials to use: Becoming a blogger is really not as hard as you might think. There are apps now that enable you to use any of your mobile devices and blog away. I use WordPress when I am on the go. It’s easy to navigate and post articles or a post, and adding pictures is as easy as A-B-C. All you have to do is to familiarize yourself with the app’s interface. Your cellphone or tablet has everything you need in order to post your blog online.

Become a Content Creator or Vlogger

Do you have the guts to do videos and post them online whether on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram? If you do, then this one’s for you.  Being a vlogger is easy. You just need to be confident and show people that you are enjoying what you are doing. Be consistent with what you want to share with people, and that will be your trademark. People will then know you for your kinds of videos.


a. Editing!!! It is the most grueling part of being a vlogger. It’s relatively fun and easy to capture yourself talking in front of the camera, but putting it all together and creating the video takes time. So, be prepared! There are free editing programs on every social media account. Take advantage of that, although you will only have raw videos to post with those free editing apps.  If you want to be fancy and make your videos more professional, there is good editing software to purchase online, like the Movie Studio 14 or Wondershare Filmora. If you are a mobile editor, then you can use Kinemaster.

b. Monetizing your vlog:  YouTube has Google AdSense to help monetize videos, although most vloggers do not earn from this alone because it depends on how many times your visitors view your videos, or the number of clicks when they see the advertiser’s banners on your video. To start getting advertisers or partners, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on YouTube. With Facebook, it’s a bit more complex. You must have a Facebook page with 1,000 Followers, 15,000 post engagements, 3,000 watch hours in the past 60 days, and you must have at least 30,000 one-minute views for three-minute videos in the past 60 days. Instagram also monetizes through Reels. You need to upload stories and Reels all the time. Instagram will then decide if you are eligible for their Bonuses.

Other Ways to earn from being a vlogger

* Collaboration: Join a group of vloggers. They can help you get the benefits you want, and you might also get paid for being a member of their squad. Typically, those squads have their own manager to “sell” you to their partners.

 * Have the confidence and courage to talk to companies and offer your service for being a vlogger: Tell them you want to partner up with them, and, in return, you will feature their products or services in your videos. Do not be afraid to ask. However, you have to show them you have numbers of followers, through subscribers or views in order to prove your credibility.

*Do product or service reviews: Most companies like vloggers who review their products. It is way better than paying airtime for a 30 second spot on TV or radio station. They Like it because the videos remain for as long as you both agree to keep it published.  In reviewing products, you can either get the products for free, or get a huge discount when you purchase directly from the company. Purchasing the product sometimes is better than getting the products for free, because you can say whatever you want in your review.  Although it is not encouraged, the company will ask you to say only positive things when they provide the products for free. They might also pay you, but this is a different story. if that happens, just ask them to hire you as their spokesperson rather than putting your credibility at stake.

Become an Influencer

Are you always updated with the trend? Are you a fashionista? Do you like going to places or events and being very visible to public? If so, then being an influencer might be the right gig for you. All you need is your social media account, then you can start posting away whatever you think you are very good at. Influencers now are being paid for just being visible in every event and situation. Again, you need to find your niche and what you think is special about you and why you can attract crowds to follow you on social media and be like you. That’s it!


a. Keeping up with the trend: You have to be trendy. You need to know what is going on within your circle of influence.

Materials: Cellphone or tablet, yourself, and whatever you want to project to the public.

Sell Products Using Your Social Media Accounts

You can use your social media to sell something online. If you like arts and crafts, then why not venture into that kind of business?  If you think your product will sell, then go for it! Live Online selling is all over social media now and all you need is all in your hands, your cellphone or tablet, social media like Facebook (which is by the way so far the best place to do online selling), good internet, and of course your products to highlight and sell.


  • how to get people’s attention
  • there are fake buyers (“miners”) who cancel their orders.
  • Bashers and toxic people

Be A Social Media Specialist/Manager or Assistant

It is not new to be a Social Media Specialist or Assistant. Some companies would rather pay someone to just focus on their social media accounts rather than hire someone for full-time pay doing nothing but update their social media accounts. So, start sending proposals to become their social media specialist or assistant. All you need is a decent cell phone or tablet in order to start earning!  Be sure to commit, and always get an update from that company. That way you will encounter fewer challenges.


  • Getting a contract signed (if you’re good without it then you are fine)
  • keeping up with your client (if you love challenges, then this is for you)
  • keeping up with the trend – of course, you want to make sure that your posts are always up-to-date.

Become a Wattpad Novel Writer

Write stories online like romance, fiction, horror or whatever niche you have in writing and share it through an online platform. Teenagers and young adults are the main audiences on this platform. With more than 45 million users and 300 million uploads, Wattpad novels have become successful for people who love to read using their gadgets. You can get sponsors and join the monetization program as well by inserting ads between chapters of your Wattpad story.


  • uniqueness and originality
  • finding sponsors
  • getting approved with the monetization program

Materials : Cellphone,tablet or laptop and of course internet or data connectivity

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